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Psychic Sabine Tonke - Call: 647 939 0724 (Bilingual english/german)

Many of you who truly know me, know that I strongly believe in Astrology and Tarot (even tried learning it). I have aunts and a grandmother that do tarot card readings and it's something I have been interested in for a very long time. Recently I met a very special and amazing woman, who has really changed my life. She not only reads cards, but she has truly been the best therapist I have ever had. I have spent money on professionals for years and they never help me...she, has truly helped me. I love her because she tells you how it is...she will not sugar coat a single thing. I promised her that I would put her name out there so my friends, who need it, can experience her greatness. Some of you have asked for her information, so here it is. My good friend's name is Sabine Tonke.. Julia Goryn. 11/17/16

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Sabine has a true gift, I have no words to describe how she helped me with few questions ,trough her sensibility and cards she opened my eyes for what I couldn't see : the power I have to change my life trough my choices based in what my destiny and life is offering to me. She's so precise , I'm astonished, yes she says the true even when you don't want to hear it, describing details you don't even have to tell her . God bless you Sabine and thank you for helping to find my destiny. agnolia 9/15/16

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Dear Sabine

I wanted to send this email to let you know that it has taken years but I'm finally connecting dots..

It could still all go to shit but for the first time ever everything you said is starting to add up..

I applied to move teams. Back in London you told me I will move teams and I told you it is impossible due to the structure we had there. Well it got approved and I signed my new contract this week.  A couple of years and a country later but I'm moving teams and getting my own team.

You also said I would meet mr right on my way to/from work.. I've been walking past mr for months having no idea. Always thought he was a nice guy but nothing more. He is in the same industry works at the same office but in a different team. Actually really spoke to him this weekend and it was like WOW!!

You said I'd stand up for myself at this job and I did! I resigned and told them I'm done with this shit. I could see it going the same way as the last job. I got my promotion and my own team.

And you said my last job will ask me back after a year.  My ex boss emailed me this week and asked to see me when I'm over next week to see my old work friend.

The pub and the sea guys I can only connect through me and new guy living a few houses  away from each other. Both loving the same pub and having seagulls outside all the time.

All of this can still go wrong but for the first time I feel it's all falling into place. Except that he is 12 years older than I am!!

I hope you are doing okay!

Miss you

Lyds 07/20/16

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Have been getting readings from Sabine for a couple of years now. Each time she is just awesome. The predictions happen. And so understanding to your needs. Just love her Rita, Oklahoma, 12/19/15

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Sabina is amazing. She made some very detailed predictions without having any background information. All of them became true. She is the best Psychic I have ever talked too. Freddy, Boston, Mass. 07/01/15

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Sabine is a wonderful find in a reader. Quick to connect to the situation, her predictions happen. Also does not give false hope. Definitely one of my favorite readers. Rita, Oklahoma, 05/27/12

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